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Polarization: The book by Günter Polhede

Polarization - social, global, ecological

Author Günter Polhede
Production and publishing house: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt
© Günter Polhede
298 Pages, 21 cm x 14.8 cm, 435 g
1. edition April 2023
EAN 9783753479033
Paperback EUR 12.00 (DE), EUR 12.40 (AT), CHF 17.90 (free price)
ISBN 978-3-7534-7903-3

Polarization: The Content


In the book "Polarization - Social - Global - Ecological" different manifestations of polarization are discussed. They appear between:

- abundance and hunger
- wealth and poverty
- sufficient and no longer sufficient resources such as raw materials, energy and the environment.

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According to a first rough division, resources are first energy, second raw materials and third environment.

Rich countries also gain an advantage over poor countries by paying only little for their sourcing of raw materials from poor countries and for the manufacture of products in poor countries.

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Distribution of growth successes

Using energy and raw materials, people make products. The more products they make and the more money they earn, the more of it can be distributed to the people involved.

Income, such as wages, salaries, interest and returns, are distributed equally or unequally.

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Renewable energy and recycling

The current discussion deals with excessive and even existentially threatening resource consumption. This can be reduced by using regenerative energy, recycling raw materials and protecting the environment. The use of regenerative energy and recycling are dealt with on this page, environmental protection on a separate sheet.

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Environmental protection

It stands to reason that prevention and reduction of pollution and environmental consumption through the use of new and effective technologies should be paid for by the polluters.

For the rich countries, resources would then be available in decreasing quantities, which would become more expensive due to scarcity.

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